Born in the Bahamas, Dale Grant has spent most of his years living in Paris, New York, Amsterdam and Berlin.

After graduating from university, he followed his heart and became a photographer specializing in fashion and portrait photography. Having worked for many years as a commercial photographer for magazines and fashion houses, Dale turned his focus to fine art photography.

For his fine art photography, flowers are his models of choice and they are for him an allegory for life.

He says of the series: ''I find that as flowers begin to wither they finally show their unique beauty when their petals open fully and their vivid colors become more muted in tone. Beauty is seen in the fragility of flowers as the petals become translucent allowing light to shine through them adding texture and form to the photographic image. Flowers all begin life looking rather similar but it is at the moment when they begin to wither and eventually die that we witness their true individual beauty.''

Dale's work is collected by international collectors and has been shown in gallery exhibitions.

His book ''Fading Beauty'' dedicated to his flower photography and published by Kerber Verlag is now available for sale.

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